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Family Philanthropy on International Day of Charity

Philanthropy is a time-honored tradition among families striving to maintain wealth across multiple generations. Marrying deep-rooted values with collaborative action not only benefits society but also helps families coexist harmoniously with their wealth.

Nurturing a New Era of Family Philanthropy

One of the keystones of enduring family philanthropy is integrating the younger generation. By involving them in suitable roles from a tender age, you instill in them a sense of duty and bridge generational gaps.

The longevity of a family's philanthropic legacy hinges on how it grooms its successors.

Teaching the Torchbearers

Even before children can pronounce 'philanthropy', they can be part of the mission. It all begins with awareness.

For instance, consider a family that contributes to an initiative for underprivileged kids in a local community. An interactive session can be arranged where the elders illustrate the gravity of such endeavors – breaking down expenses, needs, and the difference their contributions make.

Moreover, sparking discussions around the issues youngsters notice can be enlightening. When they propose solutions and discuss potential family contributions, it encourages proactive thinking.

Cultivating a genuine philanthropic ethos means letting the youth recognize societal needs and brainstorm ways to fulfill them.

Celebrate Individual Passions

It's essential to let younger family members chase their charitable pursuits. The future of a family's philanthropic journey will be brighter if successors are genuinely invested, rather than just retracing ancestral footsteps.

For instance, if a family supports a local cause, teenagers might develop a heightened interest and suggest novel assistance methods.

Establish Flexible Mechanisms

To make family philanthropy more inclusive, having an adaptable giving framework is key. This could entail allotting funds to diverse causes and allowing each member to have a say in where some of the money goes.

A recommended approach could be to allocate a chunk of the annual contributions collectively, reserving a specific portion for individual preferences.

Promote Intergenerational Dialogue

It's beneficial for families to understand each member's philanthropic inclinations. If one member is given a choice in the donation destination, they could elucidate their rationale and the expected outcomes to the entire family.

This practice fosters mutual learning. The older generation gets a fresh perspective, while the younger ones grasp shared values and improve their communication and decision-making prowess. Here, philanthropy serves as an invaluable life lesson platform.

Designing Philanthropy with Future Flexibility

It's tough to predict the societal challenges future generations might wish to address. The environment and experiences inevitably shape family values over time.

However, core family beliefs often remain consistent. The trick to multigenerational success lies in evolving with reverence to the past.

An ideal philanthropic structure would be one flexible enough for future adjustments, ensuring newer generations resonate with it, without feeling tied down to outdated causes.

Regular reassessments of the family's philanthropic objectives, with a focus on collective decision-making, are essential.

Guiding Families Through Philanthropy

Often, families grapple with integrating the next generation into their charitable endeavors. Through guided discussions and practical suggestions, we help uncover a family's philanthropic potential.

We empower families to meaningfully involve the younger generation in their charitable pursuits, preparing them to uphold the family legacy while carving their niche.

By: John McDonald, Chartered MCSI

To explore how we can seamlessly integrate philanthropy into your family's wealth management strategy, reach out to us at

Family Philanthropy on International Day of Charity

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