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Navigating the complexities of multigenerational families

Richard Waugh and John McDonald now Certified Facilitators of the Family Enterprise Assessment Tool (FEAT)

We are thrilled to announce that Richard Waugh and John McDonald have successfully completed the Certified Facilitator training of the research-based Family Enterprise Assessment Tool (FEAT).

FEAT is utilized as a foundation for proactive family governance and legacy planning. It is the first virtual research-based assessment, developed by Dennis T. Jaffe, PhD. and Caroline Bailey.

FEAT can be a gamechanger for cultivating a thriving family legacy. It offers a foundation to strengthen relationships and provides a pathway to modern legacy planning.

Most families struggle with engagement and communication at some level. Add a family business and geographic dispersion into the mix and it can be even more complicated. FEAT helps bridge the gap that may be separating families and bring them back to the table.

Benefits of FEAT

  • Opportunity for proactive planning

  • Understand family perceptions

  • Provides structure for productive conversations

  • Allows every voice to be heard

FEAT is a true gift to give future generations.



  • Purpose & Connection

  • Trust & Fairness

  • Communication & Conflict Resolution

  • Flexibility & Resilience

  • Preparing the Next Generation.


  • Direction & Development

  • Transparency & Collaboration

  • Policies for Family Participation

  • Wealth & Ownership

  • Continuity & Succession


  • Family & Enterprise Explored

  • 10 Key Areas

  • Customization Available


  • Virtual, User-Friendly

  • Research-based

  • Anonymous & Confidential

  • Efficient & Comprehensive

To find out how we can help you with family governance and legacy planning, contact us at

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