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Investment Management

Our investment management approach evolved through decades of experience of investment advice for private wealth.

Evidence shows us that no investment manager has a monopoly on good ideas or success, and usually a good run is just that.

Our preference for deep research and evidence-based approach transcends the marketing, schmoozing and hype, and simply focuses on what matters; quality and cost.

We believe that the ingredients to long term investment success include cash flow planning, suitable risk profiling, proper diversification, discipline, and minimising costs, and these characteristics inform the investment planning advice we support our clients with. 

Our fundamentals


Data and Research

Investment begins with deep data and research capability, building a robust foundation. 



​We believe that investing in well-regulated and high-quality assets produces more predictable outcomes that are necessary to long-term wealth stewardship.



Behavioural biases can derail long-term plans, investment decisions are made on evidence-based analysis.

We put investors first

We believe by putting investors first we all win.

We are independent-minded

We think it is necessary to avoid the noise and invest with conviction.

We invest for the long term

We take a patient long-term view which helps investors ride out the market’s ups and downs.

We are quality-driven

We invest in quality and avoid speculative or esoteric assets. 

We take a research-based approach

We employ powerful research behind each investment decision. 

We strive to minimise cost

We control costs to build wealth for investors efficiently. 

We construct holistic portfolios

We manage risk and deliver better returns through truly diversified portfolios combining investments with different underlying drivers.

Our approach

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