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Financial Planning

Providing yourself and your family with a good quality of life doesn’t just happen by itself, and without careful planning the finances required to support your quality of life may not be sustainable long term.

Like any achievement or success, financial life planning requires engagement, commitment and discipline, and as its increasingly common to change employer or even career, it has never been more important to be responsible and plan proactively to provide for you and your family’s financial future.


Your circumstances are unique and the service we deliver to you will be specific to your individual requirements and integrated with any existing planning you have in place.

We are professionally trained and qualified to help you plan for your future, and to implement and manage that planning, bringing many years of experience delivering a holistic financial life planning approach to helping you plan for your future.

Planning Process

Life planner

As life planner our work is to find out about you, where you are in your life right now and what you want to achieve. It’s all about your story.


Our work is to understand where you are now, how you got to where you are now, then understand more about what you are trying to achieve in the future.


What lifestyle do you have now and what lifestyle do you want in the future? What things do you want to do in your lifetime? That is life planning, and until we know about that we can’t put on our second hat.

Financial Planner

As financial planner our work is to identify all of the resources available to you now. All the income, all the outgoings, and also identify expenditures, not just now but going forward.


What sort of lifestyle do you enjoy? What is the cost of that lifestyle now and what is it going to be in the future?


Identifying and crunching all the numbers is part of the financial planner’s job and help us to create your financial plan.

Financial Advisor

As financial advisor our work is to identify the right products in the marketplace to best suit the needs of the financial plan. It could be that you don’t need any financial products but if you do that’s when we’ll find the right product to suit the needs of your financial plan.


The tools we use include cash flow planning, risk profiling, asset allocation, and peer group benchmarking. And the products available to us include investments, retirement plans, pensions, financial protection for life or health, tax planning wrappers, wills, and trusts, regular savings, and mortgages.

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