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Family Office

We help families to define their vision for and understand what their requirements and expectations are from their family office.

Establishing a family office requires thorough planning that considers many structural and operational elements including the long-term strategy and specific goals, governance, financial management and investment planning, legal framework, system of monitoring and reporting, and the defined roles, responsibilities and compensation for family members and external advisors.

We are experienced at advising families on the establishment and set up of their family office, and often are responsible for the implementation, management, and operations of their family office.

Family Centric

  • Based on a firm foundation of knowledge of what makes the family unique and guided by the family’s vision, values, and goals.

  • Founded on a clearly articulated family philosophy of wealth, long-term vision, and values.

  • Fully integrated – addressing all long-term and current aspects of family wealth management, including family. culture, governance, and other soft factors within the family

  • Based on a practical approach to multi-generational and multi-purpose family wealth and investment.

  • Avoiding past family investment mistakes and the classic behavioural errors of individual investors.

  • Taking a forward view of family roles, preparation, education, and succession planning.

  • Integrating family business considerations.

Well-structured and well-advised

  • Aligning family and investment purpose, protecting wealth from tax and other risks.

  • Incorporating multiple purposes of wealth.

  • Aware of and responsive to state-of-the-art asset structuring options.

  • Fully integrated with family governance structures and principles.

  • Supported by a high-quality and fully aligned eco-system of advisers.

  • More conservative in expectation and in compensation targets for advisers.

  • Low costs on a transparent basis.

  • Includes a comprehensive approach to financial and family risk.

Based on a sensible and thoughtful investment model

  • Built on both “best practice” and “next practice”.

  • Taking a goals-based and family balance sheet approach.

  • Reflecting strengths and addressing weaknesses of traditional asset allocation models.

  • Reflecting a forward-thinking, scenario-based, and active asset allocation model.

  • Fully global in seeking current and future opportunities.

  • Surfacing and acting on “mega-theme” opportunities for the future.

  • Respecting the principles of long-term value investing.

  • Adopting strategies and tactics for effective application in turbulent and challenging times.

  • Principled and sustainable

Pursued through a disciplined process

  • Designed and implemented in the most effective process.

  • Right level of family engagement in the present and preparation for the future.

  • Rigorous process that is both disciplined and documented.

  • Data-driven and analytical approach to decision making.

  • Fully defined investment strategy and tactics.

  • Formal risk management approach in place.

  • Implemented in a manner that ensures the greatest likelihood of success.

  • Well-monitored and subject to objective critical review versus benchmark and redirection as needed.

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