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Family Office

We help families to define their vision for and understand what their requirements and expectations are from their family office.

Establishing a family office requires thorough planning that considers many structural and operational elements including the long-term strategy and specific goals, governance, financial management and investment planning, legal framework, system of monitoring and reporting, and the defined roles, responsibilities and compensation for family members and external advisors.

We are experienced at advising families on the establishment and set up of their family office, and often are responsible for the implementation, management, and operations of their family office.

Amidst the complexities of managing wealth, many wealthy individuals and families seek the expertise and support of a family office to consolidate and streamline their financial affairs.  By entrusting us with the establishment of your family office we can help ensure family wealth and legacies endure across generations with confidence and clarity.

Integrated Process Objectives for Long-Term Success

Making sure these desired outcomes are considered and effectively integrated into a family wealth management system greatly increases the chances of success. This thorough approach strengthens the foundation of wealth management and supports the family's long-term vision. It encourages alignment, reduces risks, and enhances decision-making, ultimately leading to lasting prosperity and the fulfillment of the family's overall objectives.

A Family Centric Approach

Our family-centric approach includes a comprehensive understanding of the unique dynamics of each family unit, guided by their distinct vision, values, and aspirations. This approach is built upon a solid foundation of knowledge about what distinguishes the family, incorporating their philosophy on wealth, long-term goals, and deeply held values. It aims to seamlessly integrate all facets of family wealth management, including cultural aspects, governance structures, and other intangible factors crucial to the family's cohesion and prosperity. Emphasising a practical perspective, it navigates the complexities of multi-generational wealth and investment, while learning from past mistakes and behavioral pitfalls common among individual investors. Looking ahead, it takes a proactive stance on family roles, education, and succession planning, ensuring a smooth transition across generations. Furthermore, it integrates considerations for family businesses, recognising their pivotal role in the family's overall wealth strategy.

Well-Structured and Well-Advised

Our approach is meticulously structured and expertly guided, harmonising the family's objectives with investment purposes while safeguarding wealth from tax and various risks. We embrace the multifaceted nature of wealth, incorporating its multiple purposes into our strategy. With an awareness of evolving asset structuring options, we stay abreast of state-of-the-art practices to optimise outcomes. Our methodology seamlessly integrates with family governance structures and principles, ensuring cohesion and efficiency. We rely on a top-tier ecosystem of advisors, carefully selected to align with our standards and objectives. While maintaining a conservative outlook on expectations and advisor compensation targets, we prioritise costs on a transparent basis, maximizing value for our clients. Furthermore, our comprehensive approach encompasses both financial and family risk management, providing a holistic framework for sustained prosperity.

An Intelligent Investment Model

Grounded in a sensible and thoughtful investment model, our approach is founded on a blend of established "best practice" methodologies and innovative "next practice" strategies. We adopt a goals-based approach, aligning investment decisions with the family's objectives and leveraging a family balance sheet perspective for comprehensive wealth management. By recognizing both the strengths and weaknesses of traditional asset allocation models, we tailor our approach to reflect a forward-thinking, scenario-based, and active asset allocation model. Our global outlook ensures we actively seek out current and future opportunities worldwide while identifying and capitalising on emerging "mega-theme" trends. We adhere to the principles of long-term value investing, prioritising sustainability and ethical considerations. Additionally, we implement strategies and tactics that are resilient and effective, even in turbulent and challenging market conditions, thus providing stability and growth for our clients over time.

A Disciplined Process

Our strategy is pursued with discipline, meticulously designed and executed to achieve optimal effectiveness. We ensure the appropriate level of family engagement, both in the present and in preparation for the future, fostering alignment and understanding. Our approach is underpinned by a rigorous and well-documented process, characterised by data-driven and analytical decision-making. We have a fully defined investment strategy and tactics, complemented by a formal risk management framework to mitigate potential challenges. Implementation is carefully orchestrated to maximise the likelihood of success, with continuous monitoring and objective review against benchmarks, allowing for redirection as necessary to maintain alignment with goals and objectives.

Embark on Your Family's Wealth Journey with Us

Take the first step towards securing your family's financial future with our expert guidance in establishing and managing your family office, ensuring thorough planning and seamless operations to preserve your legacy for generations to come.

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